DEE DEE VEGA (Minister of Art/Founder)

Dee Dee Vega was picked from a cabbage patch somewhere in the beautiful borough of Brooklyn, New York. Despite her vegetal beginnings, she spent a braced and bespectacled childhood listening to jazz, organizing her Smurf collection and pretending to be the librarian of her Golden Books. Never one for convention, Vega decided to pursue the most ridiculous and prohibitive career in the American economic panorama and entered the world of fine arts. She is currently a proud PhD dropout who has turned her discerning eye toward the art world to pen her renegade criticism. She has written for everything from independent metropolitan papers to, well, softcore porn magazines. Tapping her vast network of Pinko co-conspirators determined to scuttle the ship of the establishment, Dee Dee offers fRINGE the vanguard in arts and culture thriving in the urban underground. And if you invite her to meet your parents she will wear an "Italian Girls Do It Better" t-shirt. You have been warned...

HOLLIS JAMES (Minister of Pop Culture/Founder)

Born the son of poor, white sharecroppers in Hollis, Queens, New York, Hollis James' childhood was spent breakdancing in a white windbreaker, destroying his kidneys with 40-ounces of Ballantine's ale and his teeth with jolly rancher candy. Hollis spent his early adulthood toiling as everything from groundskeeper at a state mental hospital to a dinosaur-suit-clad entertainer at children's parties. After a five-and-a-half-year stint at a four-year college, Hollis spent time in the unforgiving worlds of stand-up comedy, children's book publishing and religious-magazine ghostwriting until he found salvation helming a softcore porn magazine. Hollis's success comes from his abilities to create a level playing field for porn stars, iconic TV child stars, forgotten music legends and troubled geniuses. When not pretending to be a deceased literary genius—or struggling to find that last smarmy syllable to make a haiku truly sting—Hollis hunts down vinyl with the jaundiced eye of an analog elitist. Tasked with bringing the pop-culture and celebrity content to fRINGE, Hollis is finally able to plumb the depths of his encyclopedic-yet-selective memory for the freshest in retro and the most old-school of new-jack swing.

W.D. WILLIAMS (Minister of Design)

It has been speculated by many leading authorities that
W.D. Williams had almost no involvement with the Tunguska event in Siberia, despite several conspiracy theories that continue to revolve around this enigmatic character. When not toiling at his Bastille-esque day job, Williams can commonly be found on his soapbox, consuming large quantities of scotch, or giving lessons in the dastardly art of being a scoundrel. Having been employed in many different jobs, including but not limited to destroying things, sleeping on the job, being his own jerk-ass boss and creating things, he brings his unique design sensibility to fRINGE in hopes that he can leave Shiva behind and bring a little Brahma into his life. After all, who doesn't need a little more Brahma?

Langston Jones (Minister of Finance)

Growing up black, tall and... black, Langston Jones was pushed into sports even before he was pushed into alcoholism. He sought his fortune in the amateur boxing ring, where for six months in the Virgin Islands, Langston held the Inter-Gender Championship Belt. Three broken noses—and one black challenger—later, Langston traded in his trunks for a briefcase and joined the afro-friendly world of corporate America. After a brief suspension from business school, incurred after his refusal to admit he didn't coin the word "widget," Langston graduated with a major in Embezzlement and a minor in Fisticuffs. Though entrusted with watching over the massive financial holdings of the juggernaut that is fRINGE Underground, LLC, Langston rests secure in his pragmatism, doggedness and, let's face it, downright sadistic nature.

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