Digital, global, irreverent, original-fRINGE magazine goes one step beyond… fRINGE is a smart, edgy publication plugged into a multi-cultural urban vibe. A unique balance of pop media and art and culture, fRINGE features celebrity interviews, original work by underground writers, artists and musicians as well as pieces by established figures working outside of their genre.

fRINGE is analog chic in a digital world. We are the alternative to the typical men's or women's mags and even independent 'zines. fRINGE has a distinctive crossover appeal aimed at educated, hip, and socially conscious young people. Rather than having a finger on the pulse of urban trends, fRINGE is the pacemaker in the heart of all things hip. We anticipate trends in art, music and literature, and rescue our audience from the mainstream malaise, delivering the vanguard in underground media.


Please be certain that all ads are created to these specifications and are proofread prior to submission. fRINGE cannot be held responsible for any errors in advertisements. All questions regarding ad specs will be answered promptly by our art department at:

fRINGE is produced using Quark Xpress on Macintosh computers. Ad artwork created in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Freehand and Quark Xpress should be made ready as EPS or PDF files.


  • Include every font file used in the ad document.
  • Use only PostScript (Type 1) fonts.
  • Do not stylize your fonts. Quark Xpress and many other programs allow you to stylize your fonts by checking Bold, Italic, or some other type style. Please do not use these methods.


  • Include and collect all images used in the ad document.
  • Photographic image files must be TIFF or EPS and saved with a resolution of at least 300dpi at full size in CMYK mode.
  • LINEART image files must be saved with a resolution of at least 600dpi.
  • Convert all spot colors to CMYK. Black and white images should be saved as grayscale.
  • DO NOT scale images in Quark Xpress or other layout programs. Make sure images are scanned to the exact final output size.



  • Back cover $7000.00
  • Spread $6000.00
  • Inside front cover $4000.00
  • Inside back cover $4000.00
  • Full page $3500.00
  • 1/2 page $2000.00
  • 1/4 page $1200.00

Clients purchasing ad space for two issues will receive a 10% discount, four issues will receive a 25% discount and 6 or more issues will receive a 35% discount.

Beginning in 2006, fRINGE magazine will have a print circulation of 50,000 per issue. Based on information attained from several focus groups, the typical fRINGE reader:

  • Is between 23 and 35 years old
  • Is college educated
  • Makes between 32K and 65K per year.
  • Frequently makes purchases on the Internet using credit cards
  • Attends concerts, bars and events several times per month
  • Makes clothing, music and liquor purchases several times per month

fRINGE magazine will accept and review submissions of both writing and art. If we are interested in using any work for the fRINGE publication online or in print, we will contact the author prior to publication. Please do not contact the fRINGE offices with inquiries. fRINGE cannot return any manuscript or artwork submitted to us. Please do not send originals of any artwork or manuscript.

The editors of fRINGE greatly appreciate our tech savvy fans who submit work via links to their online portfolios of both writing or art.

We will also accept submissions in the following forms:



We greatly appreciate artists who submit their work via links to online portfolios.